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The show Dude, What Would Happen is one of the best shows on TV, FACT. The cast of this show is only three people; or dudes: C.J. Manigo, Jackson Rogow, and Ali Sepasyar. They also have “Lab Dudes” to help them out. In this show, C.J., Jackson, and Ali conduct these experiments to answer questions they ask each other like “Dude, What Would Happen If We Tried To Text As Cavemen?” or something like that. That’s right, they tried to text as cavemen. They also did limbo on quicksand. The show aired on August 19, 2011 and ended (WHO THE HELL ENDED THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!????????) on September 21, 2011. This show is not a documentary, it is a reality show like Destroy Build Destroy. The Dudes were on two different shows and three different commercials. The Dudes were on Destroy Build Destroy and Hole In The Wall. Their first commercial was about the huge earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and their last two commercials were to sponsor the Stop Bullying Speak Up website. This show is not just cool, it is also FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!! Mostly Jackson though but they’re all funny. My favorite episode was when they tried to speed up school lunch. Cause I need to do the stuff they do. Like luge for my lunch. Of course, some of their experiments have explosions like the time when Ali tried to to rescue a panda like a super hero from a van that was about to explode. Before they actually do the actual experiment they are in their hang-out room and they talk about something that is related to the experiment they are about to do. Like Ali would talk about his cousin’s birthday party and then insist that they make party games hardcore. They had one guest on the show like in the third season or fourth: the host of Destroy Build Destroy Andrew W.K.. They had another guest twice: Bobbe J. You would actually notice that everyone has their same clothes on. Jackson has his plaid shirt, C.J. he has his red sweatshirt and also a yellow shirt with a brown sleeveless hoodie, and Ali with his blue hoodie. And the intro, it makes everything so much better. The intro is something i have never seen before. Being a reality show, the presentation of this show is top-notch. Everytime there is a “Dude, What Would Happen” question a gray wall pops up and a hand spray-paints the question that on of the cast is saying.