Minecraft PC Version Review

mc                            9


Never thought that I, a Playstation gamer, would review a PC game would ya? Well I am reviewing one anyway. Now all of you must know that you have to get Minecraft. This game is worth everysingle ***DAMN penny you spend. Either with your credit card or with the Minecraft card you can buy either at Gamestop or Best Buy. Now Minecraft, a lot of people know at this point that Minecraft has no story. That is BRILLIANT for this game. If this game had a story and an end, then this game would not be your money’s worth. Minecraft has 3 versions: PC, XBOX 360, and the Pocket Edition. The one that you have to get is the PC one. The Pocket Edition is like a little toy to play with you like Minecraft like I do. In Minecraft, you are dropped in a random world where you have to get the skills to make shelter, craft tools, and hunt animals for food. The only problem though, that the information you need to make things like weapons and armor are not in the game. You can get the info by viewing online tutorials, or getting an app that shows you how to craft certain things. When I started playing, I had no idea what to do. But then I figured it out, craft a crafting table. After that, I built my first shelter. After that, I set some goals for myself. Like get a certain amount of iron to make an iron sword or kill enough cows so I got enough food. After THAT, that’s about it. Then I went online to see if I can get inspired. Then I got surprised to learn that I can tame a pack of wolves with a certain amount of bones I got from skeletons. Speaking of skeletons, there are monsters in this game like creepers, zombies, skeletons, witches, endermen, ghasts, spiders, cave spiders, ender dragon, iron golem, and a herobrine. You can find what most of these things are if you download this app called CraftedMC. If you are creative like me, then Minecraft is the right game. Did you know that I once spent four hours just breaking down blocks and crafting. You can mine by finding caves and mine for coal, iron, gold, and diamonds. I never found three of these things. Coal is actually really easy to find. Sometimes you get lost in mines. I once got lost. It pissed me off so much that I just quit the game. I did find my way out though. After that I set another goal, never get lost again. I then made a pretty cool shelter. It is not cool like Bruce Wayne’s manor, but it is reliable to keep away mobs of enemies that want to take over unlit areas of the world. The presentation of this PC  game is not like Age Of Conan or World Of Warcraft. Everything has like pixels in them. But I don’t care. For a game like this, the graphics are genius. You might be thinking right now “So do we just get to craft tools and shelter and food? That sucks!” But you don’t just get to craft those certain things. You can craft other things like furnaces, chests and even a complex railway system. IGN’s Anthony Gallegos even built an ATAT from Star Wars. In Survival mode. Survival mode is when you have no resources to start out with. Creative mode is when you have unlimited health, and you have every single item you can get in the game including eggs that you can use to spawn animals and even monsters like creepers. You can even play Minecraft with friends. If you don’t mind downloading additional software. There is one bad thing about this game. If you die, then you lose all your stuff and your level progression. I died at level 23. I lost diamonds, gold, and other stuff.  Even that this game had a problem it deserves a 9/10. Do yourself a favor and pay $26.95 for this game. Either with your credit card or a Minecraft card.