Red Dead Redemption Review

red_dead_redemption_ps3_m                                            10


Goodbye Liberty City and hello New Austin! New Austin is the setting for this game including a little piece of Mexico. In this game you play as John Marston, a former outlaw hunting down his former gang members in order to save his family. Since this is a Rockstar game, there are a variety of activities you can do such as arm wrestling and poker. But that’s not all. Rockstar nailed all of the voice acting, animations, cutscenes, and the setting. When you play the game, you swear that you are playing a wild west plus Rockstar video game. When you meet new characters, you will be amazed how real they look and sound. Their voice acting is top notch for a few specific characters. Also when you hear the soundtrack, it sounds truly western. I’ll say this once and I’ll probably never say this again, Rockstar is the emperor of free-roaming gaming. The sound is like the king of sound. Even when you get up on a horse, it sounds too real. Even when you open the saloon doors. The game plays just like the Grand Theft Auto franchise with a little twist. To switch weapons, there is a wheel to switch from a pistol to a repeater rifle. Erik Brudvig from IGN mentioned some bugs in the game, but I never encountered any. I think you only see the technical bugs on the XBOX 360. No offense if you are a XBOX 360 junkie like some of my friends at school. The environments like the deserts, for example, look just like a movie. Imagine a Red Dead Redemption movie. Now that movie I would go see. And just like inFAMOUS you can be a hero of the wildwest, or try to be an outlaw again. Again, it is your choice. There are a bunch of other stuff to do like drink, go see a movie, do tasks for strangers like Grand Theft Auto, breaking horses, finding treasures, finding outlaws and bringing them to justice, hunting, and clearing out gang hideouts. One more thing, there is multiplayer. Each mode begins just like this, an old-fashion shootout between the two opposing teams. There are modes like free roam, shootout, gang shootout, hold your own (western capture the flag), gold rush, grab the bag, and free-for-all game modes. This is a fun distraction so if you get Red Dead Redemption, I totally recommend the multiplayer. Awesome sound, awesome graphics (better than Grand Theft Auto IV), and awesome story and gameplay, this game was absolutely made by God. Do yourself a favor and pick yourselves up a copy.