inFAMOUS Festival of Blood Review

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By Brandon Tavares

Welcome to another inFAMOUS review. If you already read my first two inFAMOUS reviews, then you would  probably already know what this review is about. You guessed it: Cole MacGrath! Again this story is set in New Marais like the last inFAMOUS. All the characters are in this game except Kuo and Nix. To start this story, it doesn’t start out with Cole himself, but his buddy Zeke. He is just in a bar by himself until a lady walks in. He introduces himself and tells her that his best friend is Cole MacGrath. Or as she calls him “The Demon of Empire City.” She doesn’t believe him at first, but he then tells her a story. The story when Cole and Zeke embark on a quest to kill all vampires in New Marais. Vampires? Well you’ve probably just gasped there. Well as I was saying, the night was Pyre Night. Zeke mentioned to her that he and Cole heard screams underneath a church. Cole headed down there and saw a bunch of people on the floor. You then heal them and go farther down to find more people. Then you see this woman and then try to help. Then it turns out she is a vampire. You get knocked out and then the cutscene comes. Cole then gets bit by a vampire named Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary? I thought she was a spirit that “lived in mirrors.” Never mind. As you chase her out of the church, you find out that you only have until sunrise to kill Bloody Mary. That is not a bad thing because the fight with Bloody Mary is actually a mission so you won’t have to worry about walking around. Cole then turns into a vampire himself and you get to drink civilians’ blood and fly around New Marais with a new power called Shadow Swarm. What really sucks is that Cole’s Amp is replaced with a stake. Good news is that you can still play and create your own missions online and share yours. Bad news again. Festival of Blood’s length. Colin Moriarty from IGN beat the game in 80 minutes. I beat the game in 30 minutes. You never thought that did you. The length of this game is the only negative thing about this game. I wanted more missions too. There’s only 8 missions in this game. If you ever played inFAMOUS 2 before, then you’ll recognize New Marais. But since its Pyre Night, the whole city got decorated with balloons and people with costumes. If inFAMOUS 2 played like a dream, then Festival of Blood is no different. You get new powers and also unlocking old powers like the punch blast. Cole does look like himself from the second inFAMOUS but he looks a bit different. He has blood-red veins in his arms, hands, and neck, his eyes are red, and not to mention his vampire fangs. You do not suck Festival of Blood, but I just wanted more. Do yourself a favor and pay $10 on the Playstation Store would ya.  And did I mention that Cole was a vampire?