WWE ’13 Written Review


By Brandon Tavares


WWE ’13 is finally here! If WWE ’12 was really good, WWE ’13 is very better! The game is not   really  updated like John Cena’s black T-Shirt but it has John Cena’s green T-Shirt. Do you  remember in WWE ’12 that you can create your own arena? Well you can only customize the  ring area and the billboard. Well in WWE ’13, you can customize everything! The stage, the  venue size, and even the crowd. Whether you want the crowd to be modern or the crowd from  the Attitude Era. Speaking of the Attitude Era, there is a new mode that you wrestle in the  Attitude Era. You play as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Mankind, Shawn Michaels, Dude Love, Undertaker, Kane, etc.. You relive the moments just like the Montreal Screw Job. Or when Stone Cold won the WWE Championship from Shawn Michaels. You can even create your own title! But you have to unlock every single title to really make a title. There are new animations for moves, entrances and to create your own story. There are new matches like the “I Quit” match or the “Special Referee” match. The game looks perfect. There is also some framerate issues. Like some technical bugs. Sometimes the sound mutes when you slam your opponet on the ground. Sometimes when you punch your opponet in the face,  there is no sound. But I always ignore it. This game just like Red Dead Redemption, this game is very fun. Or just like Twisted Metal. Or maybe like Grand Theft Auto IV. Whatever. THQ added something really cool when you are in a match. In the top left-corner, THQ replaced the WWEHD logo and put a #Raw sign. On Raw that is. On Smackdown there is a #Smackdown sign. During Wrestlemania there is #Wrestlemania. Other arenas have this sign @WWE. There are specific matches like if two champions face each other, the ring announcer says the match is a champion vs champion match. The WWE Universe mode has been upgraded to WWE Universe 3.0. All sorts of new features that I can’t mention all of them. My final verdict for this game is a 10/10. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. If you are a pro athlete that would play this game, you would evolve to a pro gamer.