WWE ’12 Review

                          8       THIS GAME IS VERY AWESOME!!!!

                                                           WWE ’12 has been a big step since the Smackdown vs. Raw series. Now THQ has come up with this wrestling game that is and I quote “Bigger! Badder! Better!” I just want to get something off my chest. WWE ’12 is one of the best wrestling games I have ever played since Smackdown vs. Raw 2006. Trust me, I have played both of those games including Smackdown vs. Raw 2007, Smackdown vs. Raw 2010, and Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. But I am not writing about those games. I am writing about WWE ’12. THQ really hit the jackpot with all the wrestlers. They look the same as their personas in real life. When the wrestlers walk down for their entrances, you swear you are watching a show on TV. THQ really hit the spot with graphics and the sounds that the audience makes whether their favorite or their most hated superstars do something like taunt or win the match. The only thing I have a problem with is the Road To Wrestlemania mode. Like the other games there are 5 stories to do with specific wrestlers. The bad thing is that THQ gives you less time in the ring and more backstage. But I recommend that you give the stories a chance. Like all the other games there is one story with a created character you made. But one exception is that in the other wrestling games, that character is never given a name. But in WWE ’12, your created character gets dubbed the name “Jacob Cass”. Not that he is a boring character, it is just that well Jacob is not an interesting character. His mentor is Rey Mysterio, he just won NXT, and he develops a rivalry with Husky Harris. But enough with stories. THQ added a new mode that you can create your own arena. This is really handy if you have a  creative trait. I did have one problem with the create your own story mode. When I was all done, there were problems like my created character getting booed while he is on cheer, the pyrotechnics in the show intro didn’t go off, and when a car blew up, there was no flames. The car just jumped and the doors were open. When my created character had the CM Punk title entrance, the title just glitched. It came off his waist and started spinning. It only stopped when my character took off the title. That was the only entrance glitch I experienced.

    One good thing is that THQ still allows you to upload your creations online so that people can view your work. This I do a lot. So far I have uploaded 5 stories, 10 created characters, and 8 created arenas. Stepping aside from online, THQ did keep the WWE LIVE logo and the WWEHD logo. Throughout the game I have encountered some glitches during the matches. One example is that  when it was a match between Kelly Kelly and Eve. Some of Kelly’s hair just went WHOOSH! to the other side of the arena. Then that little piece of Kelly’s hair just returned.
    I am almost done with this review so my final answer for this game that it is not perfect, but a great game overall.