The Walking Dead Review


           The Walking Dead the game is FANTASTIC. When I first played this game, I was hooked. Since I got the game, this was the only game I played. No joke! This game is not perfect though sadly. The game has technical hiccups such as freezing when you make decisions. Mostly in episodes 2 & 3. But the freezing doesn’t happen often. Only once every few minutes. In The Walking Dead the game’s story is to put you in the shoes of Lee Everett, a convicted murderer on his way to prison. Then the cop car you are in hits a walker on the road. Lee then wakes up a few hours later to find the officer dead. You get out of the car and walk over to the cop. You then get your hands out of the handcuffs. The officer wakes up. The bad thing is that the cop is a walker. You then kill it with a shotgun that was next to you. The shotgun noise brought a lot of walkers. You then climb a fence and fall into the yard of a little girl named Clementine. You look for help in her house and hear three answering messages. You find out her parents are in Savannah. After the three answering messages, you hear Clementine’s voice on a walkie-talkie. After she points out that she is in her tree house, you get attacked by a walker, again. Clementine then comes to the door with a hammer. You take the hammer and bash the walker’s head in. This game takes place in the comic book world. You will see familiar faces from the comic book series created by Robert Kirkman.  Remember my inFAMOUS review? If you don’t, I mentioned that I am not a comic book kind of guy. But I don’t mind that the graphics in The Walking Dead the game is literally a comic book without the speech bubbles. The controls in this game flows like a breeze. You look around for interactable objects and then move around a reticle with the right joystick, and move Lee around with the left joystick. Your decisions in this game affect who sides with you from episode 1 to episode 5. Later in the game, I found out that the characters use the same animations as each other. This guy named Omid used the same animations that Lee had when Lee had a busted leg. That kind of sucked. There are some times when you might tear up more than once.   This game is a very awesome game, but it is not perfect. This game earns a 9.5.