inFAMOUS Review



It is time to stop looking for those batteries kids, Infamous is here! Sucker Punch the fine folks that brought you the Sly Cooper series brings you this super hero story. In this game you play as Cole, an ordinary bike courier that is given electrical super powers by this mysterious device called the Ray Sphere. When Cole gets the Ray Sphere out of the package the Ray Sphere detonates and blows up a HUMONGUS portion of Empire City. When Cole wakes up out of his coma the S**T hits the fan. The government has quarantined the city, and three gangs are executing people in the streets. You are given powers such as hurling electrical grenades, grinding on train tracks and wires, and calling down lightning storms. Cole is a beutiful character himself (and I am not saying that in a gay way). His voice is pretty deep and you will find yourself drawn in the game with the voice acters and game animations. Cole can shoot from anywhere, hanging off a pole or hanging on to a ledge. You can also climb in this game like Assassin’s Creed. The story is simple and fun, you try to find out who have given you the package and try to get out of town. I am not going to spoil it for you, but there are some bosses that you are going to fight. And these are no hard bosses. And I am not even a super hero/comic book guy. The cutscenes in this game are, lets just say, unique. Instead of regular cutscenes, these cutscenes are like comic book scenes. These cutscenes are enjoyable. In this game you can choose if you want to be a super hero or a super villian. There a key karma choices that you can make. You choose to feed the people of Empire City or fry a few pedestrians that there is more food for you and your friends. You want to free a man hanging off his feet above a street, or just leave him there. You can heal people off the streets, or suck the life out of them. The choice is yours. I am almost done with this review and I have not even metioned that I have Blast Shards to find, Dead Drops to listen to, and a bunch of side missions to complete.